How Can Software Solve Common Attendance Problems?

Whether your employees work from the office, home, client location or from remote locations, attendance software has now become a necessity to handle all these. In the past, there was no flexibility in terms of timings. So, the employees used to come on time, punch in or the watchman used to write their in and out timing and at the end of the month, they were paid accordingly. Not denying that it used to work perfectly at that time. Try to use the same method in the current workplaces and you will realise how incompatible it is.

The influx of flexible scheduling has made it impossible for simple attendance management software to keep a tab on the complex attendance.

Infact, now companies, to manage their employees’ attendance need more than just desktop software, they need a mobile application as well. Here is how a robust ontime attendance software loaded with features can solve the common attendance problems.

However, before we get there, it is important to first understand the multiple functions of the ontime attendance software. It keeps a tab on sick leaves, vacations and PTO. It also plays a major role in payroll calculation.

There are certain problems that every company faces if the right or no attendance software is deployed. Time management is becoming increasingly important due to rising competition. However, time theft using buddy punching and other ways impacts productivity and profits.

  • Absences- Because of no check on attendance employee continue to do buddy punching when they aren’t even attending the office. This impacts productivity, profits while you end up crediting wrong salary amount to their accounts. (more than what they should be getting)
    The attendance policy can be created in the system which can solve this problem easily.
  • Accountability issues- No employee can be held accountable for the work or absences without proper tracking. The software helps you with the same. There are raw punches and the last and first punch of every day recorded in the software. You can show them whenever they argue about their work hours.
  • Time management in virtual teams- There are many people who don’t just work virtually but work on remote location, client’s location etc. In fact, the sales team is always on the go. So, features like live photo capturing and goe attendance can help you a lot in keeping a track of the activities they are doing in a day.

The software can help you in eliminating all the above-mentioned problems. The coordination efforts and better communication and transparency will help the employees and employer to achieve the desired objectives timely.

The virtual economy is also taking over and this is why the demand for ontime attendance software will continue to increase in the future as well.

This is why it is necessary to use such software. Your competitors might already be using it and you not using the same will give them an edge over you. So, implement one at your workplace soon!

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