How Analytics Rules in Big Data and Cloud Market

Data analytics is suddenly the most powerful tool to decide on business ROI. That said, nearly 75% of the global businesses are yet to fully develop and deploy a reliable system of tools and technologies to master data analytics.

Only 9% of these global companies have actually invested their resources and finances into data analytics.

This is why, we find a huge gap between the expectations from the industry and what’s actually available to the businesses. The biggest challenge that stares at the industry is – lack of talent that can take on the Big Data and data analytics.

In this article, we explain the role of analytics in the the major categories of emerging technologies that are already the pillars of innovation and development in global economy.

These pillars are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been the focus area for all major businesses. It has been primed to become the most important cog in the digital transformation journeys for modern businesses. Global consultants and technology research companies like Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, McKinsey and Harvard Business identify Cloud Computing to be an important aspect of delivering highly relevant customer experience.

According to a report, legacy IT infrastructures hamper digital transformation and directly result in leakage of revenue due to poor customer interaction.

Improving analytics in cloud computing deployment could improve business ROI by 65% in customer-centric companies.

Big Data

As marketers are assigned to work with a trove of Big Data, they also look out for analytics to support their decision-making strategies. From online to website management, Big Data analytics could help execute various aspects of digital marketing including Paid Advertising, Blockchain, lead and demand generation, public relations and event planning and automation.

In the world driven by location data and people data, industry sectors like Telecom and Media could benefit by hiring talented candidates learning with Analytics courses in Bangalore.

Internet of Things

It is speculated that close to 80% of the world’s gadgets would be IoT- driven. This is why industries are putting their focus on Analytics courses in Bangalore for their talent hunt. While some retailers are yet to find the common ground in deploying IoT technologies in their operations, it is obvious that analytics could fully disrupt mobile ecommerce and supply chain management.

Digitally native retail brands with strong analytics team would outrun and outdo the legacy retail companies that are yet to invest in Big data and AI.

Other technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, 3D imaging and text classification are also raging trends in the industry that heavily deploy analytics.

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