Dear Photographer! Are You Branding Your Business Right?

Branding is a very important aspect of any business but photography branding is of different level. In photography business, the brand must resonate with your personality.

The name, design, logo, slogan and website should help the customer differentiate between your photos from others in the market.

Photography is about being emotionally connected with your consumers, and thus the banding should be such that people come to you because your style of work and your brand assures them that you will capture their memories beautifully.

So, now that you know the importance of branding, ask yourself are you branding your business right?

Find out by reading these ultimate tips that will help further your brand and business:

1. Brainstorm about the logo you want

The logo of your photography brand is its face off and will be placed on the business card or newspapers in case you advertise. So, brainstorm about the type of logo you want for your business, does it go with your style of work and you.

After thinking about all this, sit down and start making your logo should be simple and elegant not fancy. Also, keep it short but catchy and the color and font used should be readable.

Have a logo that leaves an impression in the minds of the clients and they can easily connect your brand and work with it. For this purpose, if you are newbie at designing, try Canva’s photography logo maker tool

which is for free. Although if you are looking for an expert level logo, you have to invest in a full time designer.

2. Don’t have a narrow mind, be open to new ideas

If you have created a brand image such, that you have no room for changes than it is a very dangerous thing to do. Trends come and go, circumstances change and thus we need to keep evolving.

Thus, finding your niches is crucial, but being narrow-minded is not. Keep searching for new ideas promote and brand your work.

Also, never make your brand name or image specific as a specific image overall can hold you from entering a new market.So, keep the brand such that you have the option to jump into other genres of photography too and be open to new ideas and technology that saves time and money.

3. Be clear about your target client

Deciding your target audience is crucial if you know them, and you know them you can provide services to them, and then it becomes easier to cater to their needs.

Chose the people who will be interested in your work, note their characteristics, earning their creative requirements and devise your branding strategy accordingly.

4. Have a slogan

Once you have the clear understanding of your market, and the types of client you will be dealing with. It’s time to create a slogan for your business.

Slogan needs to be short but should be able to convey the message to the clients about what they want to know about your business. Your style of work should be your USP and must be a part of your slogan.

5. Be active on social media

It’s a crucial step if you want exposure. Keep promoting your work through Facebook and Instagram, they are the biggest platform through, which prospective client and follow your work.
Just have all your social media account connected to your website if you have one, and if you don’t provide your contact information. This way, your future clients know where to find you.

6. Be consistent

If you use different branding strategies, it’s likely to confuse your target clients. Thus, it’s pivotal to be consistent throughout your logo, slogan, business cards, and websites and so on.

The color, font, template, and designs should rhyme with each other. Also, the verbal content in your brand or blogs should be consistent in their flow. Don’t be casual with something and be too serious about something other. It will just put out wrong signals.

Dear photographers, branding is the need of the hour so make such brand strategies that your brand becomes the top amongst all the competitions.


Prince KapoorAuthor bio: Prince Kapoor is seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out at

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