Content Marketing vs Technical SEO – Which One Should Lead Your Marketing Strategy

It’s true that most businesses now look up to the internet to get traffic and realize their true potential. And when it comes to web traffic, we know there are two ways of getting the traffic – technical SEO and content marketing and. In a way, both are extremely helpful, and critical at the same time, in helping businesses realize their traffic goals. Before knowing which of the two should lead your marketing strategy, it’d be better to know them in detail to reach to more clarity.

Technical SEO – WHATs & WHYs

We may know, SEO is a method of achieving search engine success through optimization of various elements of the site. Earlier, having a technically optimized site was sufficient to get search engine graces and realize the target but not anymore as the landscape has changed, or is evolving fast. Today. Technical SEO more or less involves working with a sitemap.xml or robots.txt or page title.

You should know that –

It’s not possible today to get good SERPs merely on the basis of technical SEO

Technical SEO alone won’t help you win traffic anymore

It won’t help you boost your click-through rates or fetch you high-value link-backs

Neither will it help you in any ways with your social media presence and popularity

So the question is, where does Technical SEO help? Or what role does it play? It has an important role in play in many ways, including –

It’s important in order to help you meet web standards and best practices in SEO

Without doing it, your site won’t be able to sustain traffic

Content marketing – WHATs & WHYs

It’s clear that technical SEO has some limits and no matter how far you go with it, the impact can be of far-reaching when it comes to traffic. In way, you can see sites getting great SERPs and traffic despite coding errors, broken links, cheap metadata and non-optimized titles. How do they pull off success then? Content marketing!

Content marketing is a proven way to get targeted traffic

It will help you build brand and gain amazing exposure on the internet without any limitations

You need a viable content marketing strategy in place to realize your traffic goals

Technical SEO vs Content Marketing

By now, you may have known the difference between both these aspects and methods of getting traffic to your website. Now, it’s time to look where both these are different.

Whereas you can’t stretch technical SEO and bring further improvement in it, there is always an opportunity with content marketing to be stretched

Not much of innovation is possible with Technical SEO while there is always a scope to do content marketing a bit better and gain superior results, better traffic and more conversions.

What should lead your marketing strategy?

By now, you must have guessed the utility and futility of both the methods together with finding your benefits with either of them. You should, however understand it fully well that –

Both will go together and you can’t ignore either

It’s true that content marketing will help you win the traffic but only technical SEO will help sustain that traffic

Before embarking on content marketing, you must get everything technically right on the site

And once you have got your SEO spot on, go ahead and unleash a winning content marketing strategy

In overall, it’s important to understand your marketing needs and then based on that, decide the strategy. You can’t comprise with the technical aspect of the SEO although you can try out different combinations with your content marketing at times.

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