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What are the 12 steps? The 12 steps are a list of principles to help addicts overcome addiction. If you have dealt with an addiction to alcohol, you know how tough the journey can be from getting drunk to sober and from living an addictive lifestyle to making better choices for your life. Many people who have suffered from an alcohol addiction choose to attend an AA group as part of their recovery. Some recovering addicts say that AA saved their life. If you are part of an AA group, there are times when it may be difficult to keep going to meetings. Maybe you have to travel a lot for your job, or you want to go away on vacation with your family. What are you supposed to do if AA is the main thing helping you to stay sober? You can use social media and the internet to continue receiving support while you are traveling.

Facebook Groups
If you are part of an AA group, but you need to or want to travel, Facebook groups can help you while you are away from your home group. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to helping recovering addicts and supporting them along their journey. These groups are filled with recovering addicts, just like you, who just need another place to turn. When you are traveling, you might want to post to these groups to let them know how you are doing. You can get support from the other members. You can also use these groups to hold yourself accountable while you are away from your home AA group as well.

Twitter Feeds
If you are a member on Twitter, it may be helpful to know there are Twitter feeds that are dedicated to helping recovering addicts. If you need to travel and can’t make it to the meetings, these feeds might help you. You can find articles, websites, and forums on these feed so that you can still receive the support you need during your recovery.

Instagram doesn’t quite provide you with an environment where you can speak to people as much as Facebook would. However, you can still benefit from using Instagram for your addiction recovery support while you are traveling. If you are looking for AA support on-the-go, you can find many inspirational AA messages on Instagram. You can find the motivation you need to make it sober, through your vacation, until you can get back home to your meetings.

Online Forums
There are thousands and thousands of online addiction recovery forums that help to support people who are in recovery from addiction. If you have never used them before, they can be a good addition to your recovery toolbox. You can message back and forth with other recovering addicts to get support while you are traveling. You can even use these forums when you are home, in addition to the AA support groups you already attend. They can be a great way to connect with others who are struggling with staying sober, and they can help you to have the needed support as well.

There are also thousands of websites that promote support for recovering addicts. You can use these websites to read articles and blog posts on addiction recovery. With these websites, you can read content about how to keep yourself sober, improve your recovery, have sober fun while on vacation, and more. If you want to use websites, one tip would be to save a few of them before you travel. With so much information online, you may be looking for hours to find just what you need. There are some websites that are specifically designed for staying sober while traveling. Those are the websites that might be the best for you.

Most blogs are very easy to read, especially when you are in a hurry. If you are traveling and you need some AA support, you can turn to the addiction recovery blogs to help you stay sober. There are many blog posts on handling your sobriety when you are away from home and managing your recovery when you change your schedule. You might find that blog posts are the most beneficial for getting support when you are traveling.

Online AA Meetings
You can also find online AA meetings as well. These are very much like the local AA meetings or groups you might already attend in your hometown. There will be scheduled times for you to get online. You will join a chat with other recovering addicts and talk about addiction recovery. Many of the online AA meetings are centered around a specific topic, so you may want to search for something specific you are struggling with as well. In addition, these meetings provide you with a way to still connect with others as you do with the meetings you attend back home. If you are traveling, these meetings would probably be the closest to the type of AA support you have been getting.

If you are traveling a lot, it is important that you still get the support you need to stay sober. It is important to keep working your recovery program. It may seem like you are going to be at a loss because you aren’t home. However, there are many ways you can still get AA support to go. You can use Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, Instagram, online forums, websites, blogs, and online AA meetings.

Each of these AA supports will provide you with benefits for your recovery and sobriety. It may be tough to adjust to using these supports, and all of them may not work for you. However, give them a try. See which one work best for you and use it to keep working your recovery program while you travel. Many other recovering addicts have had success with them and you might as well.

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