A Guide To Online Event Registration: Digital Solutions For Success

Exhibition management in Dubai as well as around the world experienced tremendous changes due to technology advancement. The days of pen and paper invitation are long gone as digitalisation revolutionised almost every industry. Online registration is the mainstream nowadays for almost every type of event be it corporate seminars, annual conferences, birthday bash so on. The online process may seem simple; it isn’t always a piece of cake.

Fortunately, we’ve a dozen tools and software at our disposal offering ultimate assistance with event registration. One may choose from simple platforms that oversee the basics of exhibition management in Dubai and registration or; go for advanced and multifunctional applications. Some programs even feature payment gateways, automatic refund services, creating registrant name tags, integration with conference or company’s official site as well as social media platforms.

How to begin when choosing event registration software?

Determine your needs and wants first when selecting event registration tools. Brainstorm over priorities and Exhibition stand designers in Dubai or any other place. Ask yourself these questions;

  • Do you need only the basics such as registration and payment processing?

  • Are there going to be additional sessions in between the primary event? If yes, you may need additional registrations?

  • Do you need to book hotels or make any other travel arrangements?

  • Is there a need to support conference website?

  • Will you provide name tags, coordinate audio/visual requirement or host special sessions?

  • Do you manage multiple events simultaneously or individually?

The above questions would define the type of event registration software that’s a best fit!

Which registration tool is for you?

With so many choices out there, you can easily be overwhelmed and confused between the flashy features; some that aren’t even for your exhibition! The best trick is avoiding the latest, high and mighty. Instead, make a list of all the features you wish to deploy throughout the process and integrate them to streamline the process. Refer to the following features for clarification but don’t limit yourself with these;

  • Event and attendee online registration and payment processing

  • Management reports and badge creation

  • Hotel room and marketing management

  • Social media, surveys and event feedback platforms

Not all are too costly!

Most of the tools nowadays offer standard functions at an economical price fits perfectly when managing simple events. Basic registration forms are included in the program linking directly to the official website. It allows gathering subscription information such as debit/credit card details; transaction and search history so on to offer a customised solution. Attendee registration lists can be collected and exported further. Depending on the type and frequency of the events, these simple tools are a big help and provide a comprehensive solution to all your needs, even something extra.


In case the event needs to be all swanky and lined with extra features, you need versatile registration tools that may come at a cost but end results are rather worthy. Before you leap, just consider the requirements to take the right decision.

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