7 Reasons Why Magento Is Widely Used By Developers

E-commerce development is picking up the pace from the past few years and people around the world are much willing to launch their business online. Online business nurture huge profits and benefits to the entrepreneurs
Now a website development platform was needed which could meet the requirements for e-commerce business development. Amongst many other platforms, Magento is the first one to become popular in a very short period of time. In the past few years, numerous plug and play e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and more have emerged, to possibly cater to every type of e-commerce store coming online. In spite of this fact 1/4th of all e-commerce websites, online today are running on Magento.
The trend shows that its popularity has given birth to a sense of curiosity in the world of entrepreneurs to know what has made Magento popular than the other competitor platforms.
Magento has many unique features which make it stand out in the crowd of e-commerce development platforms. Magento is a much sought after CMS framework and indeed one of the most effective and appealing e-commerce application of present times. It’s on high demand by the e-commerce businesses as it projects a pool of advantages which makes it an essential application in e-commerce sites.
Magento frameworks are so flexible, scalable and easy to use that a website developer can build a complete online store by using only the Magento frameworks. It allows a developer to add almost everything to a website and customize it according to the client’s preferences.
Not only these, but there is also an ample number of reasons why Magenta is So widely popular among website developers. Let us dig further and find out more about it.

1. Choosing the right version

Magento is an open source software, which means anyone can use it. The software is available in three versions.

  • Community Edition: It is an open source version of Magento. It is also the most popular version among the three as it comes for free.
  • Enterprise Edition: This one is a paid version of Magento. It is known for its high-security standards.
  • Magento Go: It is also a paid version. It is hosted on the Magento servers.

2. Modular and Customizable

The industrial area and the size of an e-commerce business influence the complexity of the app. The requirements of fashion retail are going to different than the requirements of a hardware retailer. We can see the size, scale of operation, needs of the customers, customer service requirements pull up a series of challenges for the retailer to deal with.
Having a customizable platform is the best thing for any e-commerce player in today’s world. One of the biggest advantages of Magento being an open source platform is that it is very modular and highly customizable too. This helps a retailer in creating an amazing customer experience, by modifying everything such as page layouts, templates, workflows, grids, etc.

3. SEO-friendly Website Development

What will you do if your online commercial websites are already launched but it has received not a single response? Probably you will feel like the floor just vanished beneath you.
Website optimization can be a pretty simple task if one knows how to handle page traffic issues, indexing of the website and also the landing pages only with the help of Magento.
Making the website SEO optimized can be a big challenge for an e-commerce site because of their pages number to hundreds or thousands. The competition for a particular keyword can be really rocket-high, which can ultimately make or break the deal.
Magento simplifies a lot of SEO-related works by creating SEO optimized URLs, meta tags, descriptions, URL rewrites, site maps, navigation and structures and more. All of these functions are in-built in Magento. This saves a lot of time and effort.

4. Faster Page Loading and Processing

A survey found out that 47% of the total web users want the site to load in less than even 2 seconds. If a sites more than 2 seconds to load itself it is considered to be slow and bounce-rate gets really high.
These statistics have a higher impact on e-commerce. Here, every person that leaves without making the buying decision, affects the conversion rate and the revenue.
There must be no compromise whatsoever when it comes to the speed of the website. With Magento on your side, you can now cache your pages easily using Varnish, retrieve data from the databases in just milliseconds, the process is quite faster and load pages in no time.

5. Mobile-friendly

Almost all your Target audience own a mobile phone. It is one of the most popular channels for them to make purchase decisions. Approximately 67% of US consumers own a smartphone and spend a considerable amount of time surfing web on their phones than laptops or computers. It is compulsory for an e-commerce website to be mobile optimized.
Magento’s HTML5 capabilities make things pretty simple. It gives your mobile website amazing AV and drag-drop capabilities, image scaling for different screen sizes etc.

6. Business Intelligence

Magento dons an in-built analytical and tracking tool called Magento’s Business Intelligence. It is s a complete analytics platform solution, which gathers all the data from databases, extensions and other third-party tools. This tool provides data-driven insights to businesses, which are beneficial for businesses to grow.

7. Easy maintenance and low cost

Magento Store is easy to maintain. All of it can be done with a minimum number of employees because everything in Magento comes ready-made. Magento platform is very organized which makes it seamless.
Magento CMS accommodates e-commerce development win low costs. More customizations are going to need more time and resources, still, Magento is the best option you’ve got to build your e-commerce.


In short, Magento has won our hearts over with the awesome features it has to offer to its users. Magento is safe and secure to use and also tops the charts with scalability and SEO options. Indeed, you need to hire a Magento developer to benefit the most out of it.
Magento feedback services make sure there is a smooth and continuous communication flow between the buyers, merchandisers, and owners.
You should think about incorporating the most latest and compelling Magento development services to stay ahead in the race. Join hands with Ethane Web Technologies to set up an online store which is capable of not only enticing customers but also compelling them to stay connected with you in the long run!

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