6 Features You Must Know About PDF Page Turning Software

This article talks about PDF page turning software. Further, it talks about its top features.

Since the advent of the internet, the way of doing work and business scenarios has been changed a lot for most industries. Things have turned out to be more sophisticated and advanced. They can make more profit by putting less effort.

The internet combined with software applications has created huge business transformations. The publishing business has also become technologically advanced after the advent of software programs like PDF page turning software.

The turning or flipping technology offered by PDF page turning software has created reading more realistic and fun. Readers can now flip the pages rather than scroll down to read the publications. The three dimensional reading experience can greatly engage users. Those times are gone when readers are required to scroll the PDF publications.

Now, they can enjoy flipping technology. Without a doubt, the cumbersome scrolling can make reading boring and very soon readers lost interest in reading.

In addition to the flipping technology, a PDF page turning software program can provide a user with the following features:

Single or double page view

Your users can view your publications in the viewing format they want. They can go through your publications in single or double page view as per their convenience. Further, the design of your publications will be responsive which means that your publications can be personalized for any device available in the market. Your readers can view them perfectly on smartphones as well as tablets. This is a great feature that makes reading comfortable for your readers. Unlike PDF files, they do not have to zoom in and out to view the flipbooks.

Embed in different platforms

You can embed your publication at whichever location you like. For instance, you can embed your publications in your website or blog. You can moreover add them in your email signature. You can do it easily without having to know any programming know-how. You can instantly generate the embed code of your publication with the help of PDF page turning software and paste that code into your website or blog or email signature.

Share on social media

Admit it; everybody is on social media these days. And if you are not on social media, you will surely miss a lot of business exposure. With the help of PDF page turning software, you can share your publications with a single click. This is no doubt a great feature that can boost your brand awareness on social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

Personalized themes

You can design your theme that best matches your brand. You can also go for colors that suit your taste and preference. Personalized themes keep an exclusive identity of your brand in the industry.  You can also do a lot of customization with the help of a PDF page turning software program.

HD pictures embed

You can embed HD or high quality pictures in your publications. It has been believed that a picture says a thousand words. As a result, you can tell a lot about your brand to your actual customers and prospective customers with the help of high quality pictures. You can also add videos.

Privacy settings

A PDF page turning software offers a lot of privacy settings. You can control settings as per your business demand. You can control the view-ability of your publications via username and password credentials. The visibility control feature also allows you to manage paid user subscriptions. You can earn money easily by managing paid subscriptions. Your users can pay you the subscription fees using their online resources. This is really quick and easy.

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